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The Faery Lair (or Camp Faery in Glen Park):


The Faery folk casually remarked that a certain fallen stump could use some custom craft. I am their carpenter.


I think this is the most beautiful of the meeting spots yet - but I do tend to prefer the trails less travelled in general.

Faery Hall (the Faery Sanctuary - by the trail behind the Japanese Tea Garden):

With Rio

Sunlit from the West. 

This door includes something we had thoughtlessly neglected on the original Faery Door in the Concourse: a knob on the inside.

It's actually quite roomy (goes back about three feet) and yet cozy inside. We noticed that someone had already found it and welcomed the Faeries to the area with a little offering. 

They thought a covered porch would be nice.  

3rd Grade Class Field Trip3rd Grade Class Field Trip

the Faery Door - the elm in the Concourse:

At one of the final fittings, before the varnishing; with Rio and Mendocino D. Bear. 

Our finished work. Photo by Erica Reh

The Rec & Parks Dept replacement door (see Interpreters' Page for story); amongst some shadow trails.

Photo taken by a fan of the Faery Door, around the time Rio and I first became aware that it had fans.  

We finally fixed up the Rec and Park's replacement door - which had been too short to function properly - and we gave it some class too.  

...on the inside too.

The first of my illustrations for the book which is soon to be published - The Faery Door, by T. Powell.  

The Fae:

Three graceful sky sylphs.

(Photo by Kat Jordan)

Fan Art:

Kyle's Faery Door

El Duende y La Oruga

(The elf and the caterpillar)

by Bella

Lucy's Tree

Illuminated Manuscript

Nice Butterfly


Faery and Friend


Dragon of Happiness

Maya's Faery