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Good Yule!

Posted on 21 December, 2017 at 1:56

This season and all of its holy days, is basically about Magic.  

It is about light shining through the darkness:  About the sun path rising and allowing the days to lengthen again; about the lamps burning for nine days with only one night's supply of oil; about a star over the desert, guiding the wise and the faithful to a quiet, gentle miracle.    

It is about life carrying on through death:  about the holly berries ripening red in the dead of white winter; about the pines and firs still green beneath the snow; and about the mistletoe being the only apparently living branch in the otherwise leafless oak.

And it is about love:  about families coming together to share the hearth and each other; about soldiers calling a truce on the field to share songs and cigarettes; and about the elves and a saint working all year to bring bring joy to children around the world on one holy night.  

All the world is composed of magic.  The blessing of light is created with every kind word and touch we give to one another.  Life is everywhere and the source of everything.  And love is lord of all.  But this time of year seems to make these things more apparent to us, just as the candle in the window seems to shine more brightly when all other lights have gone out, and when the great sun has vanished, out of the night come all the white stars.  This season carries no more magic than any other, but it does serve to illuminate the magic that is ever all around us, and always within us too.  

Happy Solstice!  Good Yule!  Merry Christmas!  

 - with much love, from Rio, and Tony, and all the Faery folk we know around these parts of land and sea.  

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