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Press Interview, 8/21/17

Posted on 25 August, 2017 at 16:14
Rio and I were interviewed recently for an article on the Faery Doors around the Bay Area. It was published a couple days ago, but I like the original interview best:

1. What inspired you to create the fairy doors?

We were horsing around in the park one day after school, and saw the elm with the little hollow at the base, and the same thought struck us both at the same time, that it needed a little door on it. We are not sure whether the thought came to us from a sentience there in the park, or from our cultural ideas of what traditional magic looks like. But whether indirectly or directly, the answer as to what inspired us is the same: The Faery folk.

2. What do you hope visitors will get out of finding the doors?

We hope more people notice the magic of which the world is entirely composed. The tree itself was already a standing miracle, and we just added a little more craft to make more visible the magic that was already there - like a lady who ties a bright ribbon into her already beautiful tresses.

3. How did you pick the locations for the fairy doors?

We don't really pick the locations. It's not like we have to put these little doors up somewhere. It's more like there are some places that seem to ask us for a little embellishment.

4. Are there any fairy doors that haven’t been discovered?

There are a couple of things in the works. Once they appear, it may take some time before they are discovered, but whether it's days or months, we do not know. There are still people who have walked by the door in the log behind the Tea Garden (the one we call Faery Hall) many times without seeing it, and are surprised when someone else points it out.

5. Do you have plans to add additional doors in the future in San Francisco? What about creating doors in other cities in the Bay Area?

The ones currently in the works will appear within San Francisco. We leave it to others to make the magic more pronounced in their own areas.

6. Anything else you’d like to add/share?

It has been so cool to see other people being as inspired as we are, and helping to dress up the doors, or even doing their own thing. We don't recommend putting any more doors into living trees, or otherwise harming the environment or private or public property, but doing things to enhance our world, in harmony with all the goodness already in it, we are all for. And don't worry about your work being vandalized or stolen. This has happened to some of our work, and currently the door in Glen Canyon needs some repair. There are some people whose main purpose in life is to destroy, but you can always rebuild or build anew. And even if something you have built with love gets destroyed after a few months, it was better than never having it at all.

- Rio and Dad

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