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St Patrick's Day

Posted on 17 March, 2017 at 18:28 Comments comments (1)

I would like to live in peace.  Love, Me
Answer:  We wish much peace for you, but storm also.  For what good is one without the other?  And if you would have nothing but peace, we are certain you would soon be wishing out of boredom, for something more rigorous.  
Peace,  Faery
 * * * * * * 
I wish that Donald Trump will no longer be president.  

Answer:  Please wish for something more important - wish for a girlfriend or boyfriend, wish for a puppy, or a dollar, or to get to go to the movies.  Wish for a nice afternoon or a stick of gum.  Wish for something more substantial like that.  Because one day, Donald Trump will no longer be president, and all the little lessons will have been learned.  That day is coming already.  So please wish for something less trivial and which is not already inevitable.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, We love your house and yard.  Do you fix it up?  Lorie

Answer:  Hi Lorie, We make a lot of it happen, but others contribute as well.  We all inspire one another and build our worlds together.  Thanks for the part you play.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * * 
Hi Faeries, Did you have something to do with this rain?  If so, thanx!  Lee

Answer:  We all had something to do with it.  Some of us just needed to stop worrying about the drought.  But now of course they are worrying about the floods.  Faery
 * * * * * * *
Hi.  My name is Rachel.  I am 6.  Here is a flower for you.  I hope that you like smelling the flower.  Bye.

Answer:  We do like it.  Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, Did you know there are buffalos in this park?  And coyotes?  Where did they come from?  From Greg

Answer:  Yes.  The buffalo came here for safety many years ago.  The coyotes were here before the first men arrived, back when the whole word was a park.  Love Faery
  * * * * * * *
Faery, where are you?  

Answer:  There is one place we always can be found - Here.  Wherever we go, we bring Here with us, and those places become Here.  Thus, we are never lost.  Love Faery


Posted on 21 December, 2016 at 15:16 Comments comments (1)

Enjoy this blessed solstice, and the grand and simple rhyme of the turning seasons!

Winter falls like a hammer of night
On the earth - thick anvil of frost
But we strive here beside the ember glow
With the pines yet green beneath the snow; 
And under the blue ice lie the seeds
Of meadows for the honeybee;

The wind will turn the wheel of sky
On which the cold steel Valkyries ride
Clearing the morn for the white sun
And take us to Valhalla once again
Where the little berries ripen red
And the hills are softly burned green

 - T. Powell

(Photo of Newgrange, from Irish Central)


Posted on 16 December, 2016 at 22:33 Comments comments (0)

"He didn't mind going to play alone. Away from other people, he often got the feeling that there was much more to the world. While he loved his friends (most of whom were books and the dead poets who had written them), and while never would he have wished for a different family - although his had broken in two - he had always felt most at home among the grass and trees and birds and stars, the steadfast rocks, and the wild waves, and the wordless song of the sky. His name was Rio, which in Spanish means 'river'."

 - from Chapter V
the Faery Door, by T. Powell

Pixie Post

Posted on 15 December, 2016 at 19:49 Comments comments (1)

"Dear Pixie,
How are things in the hollow?
Love David"

Answer:  Thanks for asking.  Things are quite pixie-ish, which is never bad.  
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
"Dear Faeries,
I hope you have a wonderful day.
From Amelie"

Answer:  Dear Amelie, 
Thank you for this good wish.  The days are short and sweet, but always good, and always, always full of wonder.
Love Faery

 * * * * * * *
"I wish that when I grow up I live on a farm and own a horse."  

Answer:  Sounds good.  Go ahead and make it happen.  
 * * * * * * *
"Gnome!  Wishful thinking brought me to you.  It's with every happiness that I wish for good health and fortune for myself and loving family.  Thank You.  Kelsey"

Answer:  These good things are written in the stars and on notes such as yours, but they depend mainly upon your ability to receive them.  Can you really accept good fortune?  If so, it is waiting for your grasp.  Love, Faery

 * * * * * * * 
"Dear Faeries,
I did not know that you had such a wonderful home.
 - Montana & Nacienne"

Answer:  We are glad to enlighten you.  It means a lot to us, because home is where the heart is.  We hope you can look around the land, the sky, and the grey sea, and see more of our home too (and our heart as well).
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
"Jeg har kommet fra Norge. Husk meg, og jeg vil huske deg." [I have come from Norway.  Remember me, and I will remember you.]

Answer:  Any forgetting is only temporary.  

 * * * * * * *
"I wish my dad would get better and that my grandma's residence papers arrive.  Thank you."

Answer:  May it be.  And may you walk in the light.  For love is lord of all.

 * * * * * * *

"Faery... We are leaving today.  We have to go get on the aeroplane but we have come to say goodbye because this is our last day.  Goodbye San Francisco.  We will be seeing our car again soon.  Thanks for letting us come to your lovely city.  Love, from Reuben John Geoffrey, aged 8."

Dear Boy, 
All who look upon our land with fair admiration are always welcome back.  
Love, Faery

The Faery Door, by T. Powell

Posted on 12 December, 2016 at 14:48 Comments comments (0)

"Dusk settled and rolled the trails into shadow, and the sparrows huddled under the warm robes of spruce. The oaks and elms were softly growling to one another, while the grasses whispered themselves to sleep, and twilight revealed their dreams. 

The stout-hearted redwoods stood their heights under a nightfall of diamonds, across whose eternities Orion the hunter followed the star-haloed stag.

It was an evening as magic as any other; and as usual, hardly anyone noticed."

- from Chapter I

Faery Fan Mail

Posted on 5 December, 2016 at 21:38 Comments comments (0)

[sculpture:  Birth   by Debra Bernier]

Dear Faery,
Do you celebrate Christmas?
Love, Geoff

Dear Geoff,
We celebrate every day that comes to us!
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Faeries can you read?  

Hi Oli,
We do not read your words.  We have a poet friend who reads them for us, and then interprets our answers for you.  We can read the winds, constellations, the dunes and leaves, the cries and flight patterns, the clouds and scents of evening.  And it is all a poem we never weary of seeing.  


 * * * * * * *
Dear Man in the House, 
Where do you keep all the gifts you get?  I left a ring for you but it's gone!

Dear Mina,
We thank you for that gift.  And we have shared it in turn with someone else.  All things are gifts, you know.  You may not always see where they go after they leave your hand.  Neither does the pomegranate tree withhold her fruit from anyone who can reach to grasp her gifts of rubies, nor require that they keep it for themselves only.  
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Do you want to buy me a present?

Dear child,
We have never been able to understand this idea of buying something.  Isn't everything free:  earth, sea, and sky?  Isn't there enough to go around for everyone?  Or if there are things that are too scarce to have, can not more of them be made?  
And as for things that cannot be made by people, how could you presume to own those and not share?  We do not know why would anyone want money, when everything is free.  We hope the answer to your question may be found here within our response.    
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *
Dear Faery, 
Who keeps adding to your house, and putting up decorations around it?

Dear Lucinda,
Faeries can do that, along with some people who work magic too.  
Love, Faery  

 * * * * * * *

Dear Faery people,
Can you make Hillary Clinton become the president?

Dear Citizen,
No, we cannot afford to spend our days on such a thing.  And we recommend that once you have done your appropriate duty, you do not worry about such things either.  There is a whole universe of stars and dark depths that cares not a tail feather for who becomes the president, whose voice is just one among many in the magnificent chorus.  The great song goes on, each verse turning into the next, pounding on through eternity.  Don't get distracted by any one of the little voices.  And don't worry... dance!
Love, Faery
 * * * * * * *

I am 4.  How old you?  

We are ageless - maybe more ancient as the stars, but as new as each rosy dawn.  Which is fortunate, because we do not know about how to count with your symbols anyway!  Have fun, Tony, Mister 4!
Love, Faery

 * * * * * * *

I love you faery.  

Dear one,
That is a good thing to do, for us and for everyone else.  Please carry on.  
Love, Faery

Fall Falling

Posted on 13 October, 2016 at 21:18 Comments comments (0)

"Querida Ada, 
Te quiero mucho y me gusta tu arbol y tu casita.  Tu puerta es muy bonita.
- MT"
[Dear Faery, I love you a lot and I like your tree and your little house.  Your door is very pretty. - MT)

Answer:  Muchas gracias.  Nos gustan tus ojos y tu corazon - porque ahi es donde la belleza y el amor son. - Las Hadas
(Thanks a lot.  We like your eyes and your heart, because that is where the beauty and the love are.  - the Faeries.


 * * * *
"Dear Faeries:  Dom, Chris, Brianna and I are here to celebrate Chris and Bri's upsoming wedding.  Can you give them a Faery Blessing?  - Sarah, Dom, Brianna, and Chris"

Answer:  Dear Hearts,  May the grand space you are creating together sustain your wings forever.  May its eternity embrace you and the rest of the world as well.  May it be a light in any times of darkness, a haven in times of danger, and ever a new beginning.  May you never cease creating it, and may you always let it create you too.  Happy vows.  Love Faery

 * * * *

"My home beautiful
 - Marie"

Answer:  Sure!  We do not know if it became your home because it is beautiful, or if it is beautiful because it is home, but we believe your words, and love your home that is so good to you.   - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faeries,
Thank you for leaving us this treasure!
Love, Lana & Laurela"

Answer:  You're quite welcome.  You know, there is treasure everywhere for those who are able to see it.  Some of it is only for your eyes.  - Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Elves and Fairies,
Bill, Rose, and Kallie are here and we found your home.  It's very lovely.  How high is the hollow in your tree?  If you know. please let us know.
Thanks, Kallie, Rose and Bill"

Answer:  Thanks for the admiration and curiosity.  Our hollow goes up a ways into the trunk, and then there are a couple of small passages which lead further up through the attics and finally up through the fork.  These things are not very noticeable by most humans, but neither are we when we are hovering like the dangling leaves of the tree tops in the full bloom of Summer.  We see the people though.  - Faery

 * * * *

 "I think Faeries are pretty!  Are you real?  Love Isabella"

Answer:  Sure we are real.  How could we be pretty, or anything at all unless we are real?  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"Dear Faery,
I am a 4 year old boy.  Can you tell me when my allergies will get all better?  Thanks.  Soren"

Answer:  Dear Boy,  Sometimes the human body overreacts to things, especially if it feels open to attack.  But you can empower it with the leaf of the Nettle - eat three leaves a day - and the honey comb of the bee - chew it until it is almost gone (and be sure to thank the bees for us as you gather it).  We hope these will help you.  - Faery  

 * * * *

"Dear Faery, Did you make your door?  I like your door.  My brother Charlie wishes he could be with you.  And I, Jojo, would like to be with you too.  Thank you, Jojo"

Answer:  Dear Jojo, We are happy you like our door and would like to be with us.  Sometimes we are actually together, but we would like you to find us too.  On your next visit, you and Charlie should look around quietly and calmly.  Use more than your eyes - stretch out with the beams of your hearts.  You may find us looking back at you in surprise.  Love, Faery

 * * * *

"We love you"

Answer:  We love you.

 * * * *

"Dear Faery
I hope you like the stuff that people give you.
 - Keegan"

Answer:  Yes, we do mostly.  We also enjoy giving it back sometimes too.  Love Faery

 * * * *

"I like your house - CLC"

Answer:  Thank you.  Our house is your house.  Our home is your home.  Our planet is your planet.  Our sky is your sky.  Let's take good care of this place together.  Love, Faery

Faery Speech

Posted on 16 August, 2016 at 22:26 Comments comments (1)

Photo by Kat Jordan

Dear Faeries,
Please let me in.
Love, Alicia

Answer:  Our home has only the bounds of where we have yet to look.  You are welcome in our realm.  Your body may not fit through our little door, but we know your spirit can reach anywhere.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Dear Faery,
Please help in providing me and my loved ones a healthy, happy life.  And if it isn't too much to ask, a job that allows growth and more financial compensation.  Thank you!  JC

Answer:  Everything you want already exists, whether anyone knows it or not.  All you have to do is find it, or create it which is often the same thing.  

 * * * *
Dear Faery,
I hope you like the flute I gave you.
Love, Alisa

Yes, it is very cool.  We have given it up to where it will get played the most.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
My mom needs some love.

Answer:  If you will bring her back here with you, and along the way show her four leaves, from four different trees, she will surely notice by then that the love is all over the place, and walking right beside her as well.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
I wish for a cat.
from Naomi

Answer:  Dear Naomi, if you will find out just what is needed to keep care of a cat, and prepare a nice home with all that, and stay interested (even if it takes a while for the cat to get to you) we are sure you will have one, because right now there is a cat who is wishing to have you.  Love Faery

 * * * *
Der Fere 
Kn I hv a skat board

Answer:  Dear Sam, Of all the many human inventions we have seen, skateboards are among those which make the most sense.  You can have one, but we suggest getting to know it really well before going down a hill on it.  And your parents will probably want you to have taken a few more trips around the sun first.  But it's all good.  Love Faery 

 * * * *
Visiting the Faery tree all the way from Estonia.  Beautiful sunny day (rare in the SF summer)!  Laura & Merle

Answer:  Welcome!  You might have brought some inspiration for that rare magic with you.  We are usually content with the sea fog of our summers, but sometimes give it a break and let the golden fire shine.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
Der Faire
I wi to be your frned,  
Love Sawyer

Answer:  Dear Sawyer,  We want you to be our friend too.  We will accept your goodwill and help when needed and feasible, and we offer you ours too.  May the Earth turn, and the sun burn for you, our new friend.  Love, Faery 

 * * * *
I wish I maree Olle.

Answer:  That is a fine wish.  If Olle can hold the same wish in his heart too, it will be like a hearth that you both will tend, and which will give you all light and warmth you will need when the time comes.  The rain and wind cannot touch it without your permission.  Dream all the dreams you desire, and share them with those who will help tend the fire.    Love, Faery

 * * * *
Faeries, thank you for the magical day I had!
 - Nikki G.
 - Shay Pal

Answer:  You're very welcome.  You know, they are all magic - all the days and all the nights.  Thank you for seeing the miracles of this one.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
I love you Faery.

Answer:  Thanks to you.  All the love you give is still yours to enjoy too.  In fact, maybe it doesn't actually exist until you give it - maybe nothing does.  Maybe this whole world and everything in it is a gift for those who can handle it.  Anyway, we love you too.  Faery

 * * * *
Hi Elf
You real.

Answer:  Yes.  Thanks for noticing.  Love Faery  (Elf)

 * * * *
Dear Faery,  Did you make your door?  I like your door.  My brother Charlie wishes he could be with you.  And I, Jojo, would like to be with you too.  Thank you,  Jojo

Answer:  Dear Jojo, Yes, we made our door, and even got some humans to pitch in with us.  Thank you, we like it too.  You and Charlie are welcome to be with us.  We are busy with leaves this time of year, and will soon be helping them turn and fall.  Come and see if you would like to.  Love, Faery

 * * * * 

Hi!!!  My dream is to meet Cookie Monster. - Aiden

Answer:  Dear Aiden, Our best suggestion for that would be to go where the cookies are, but be careful, because you may become the cookie monster yourself.  Love Faery

Summer Solstice

Posted on 20 June, 2016 at 15:01 Comments comments (0)

Happy Solstice! Let your fires be bright! 

"On St John's Day, the christianized pagan sun festival in honor of the summer solstice, in which fairies and spirits play so prominent a part in all Celtic countries, just outside a country village a great fire is lit in the centre of the main road and covered over with green branches, in order to produce plenty of smoke, and then on either side of this fire and through the excorcizing smoke are made to pass all the domestic animals in the district as a protection against disease and evil spirits, to secure their fruitful increase, and in the case of cows, abundant milk supply."

- from The Fairy Faith in Celtic Countries, by W.Y. Evans-Wentz, 1911

Conversations with the Fae

Posted on 1 June, 2016 at 17:26 Comments comments (235)

"Roses are red,
Violets are blue
Your door is neat, 
But who are you?
 - Baylie"

Dear Poet,
We are the red of the rose.  You have seen us many times without noticing it was us.  Look with more than your eyes.  When you sense us looking back at you, you will know who we are.  
 - Faery

 * * * *
 "I wish I will poop."

We think that's something you should just go and get it over with. - Faery

 * * * *
I love you.  I believe in you Faeries.  I think you are nice, the best Faeries in the world."

Answer:  Thanks for your kind message.  We are glad to meet someone with a heart so big.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Let us make it work this time."  
Answer:  Let the tablet be wiped clean, and may you work towards the dreams of the future, and not the needs of the past.

 * * * *
"Dear Faeries, I wish I could be friends with you.  xxoo  Maya"

Answer:  So this is now our wish.  And we have now granted it.  Hello Friend of Faery!"

 * * * *
"How do you make your magic powder? - Isaac"

Answer:  We gather the golden light from the dawn burnished leaves.  And there is plenty to go around, so feel free to help yourself.  Love, Faery

 * * * *
"Hello.  Thank you for building this awesome house!!  Peace and Blessings"

Answer:  Hello, and thank you for noticing.  That was really the main point!  Peace and blessings to you also.   - Faery

 * * * *
"Visiting from Sac.  Lovely to see you."

Answer:  It is lovely to be seen as well.  Thanks for bringing the loveliness with you. 
- Faery   

 * * * *
"We love you.  Myun-Hee"

Answer:  Alright, we accept.  We love you forever. - Faery

 * * * *
"Please help Timothy find his way."

Answer:  To find the right path, one first needs to know where he wishes to go.  To know that, one has to be able to dream it.  All roads and all destinations begin with a dream.  Too often, people slumber beneath the shadows of fear and cannot see their own dreams.  In that case, let the first dream be to see beyond the shadows.    
 * * * *
"Dear Faery, 
 This is from Landon.  My mommy gave me these coins to give to you.  We saw the notes in your home.  We saw the one that said, 'No cigaretting.'  
From Landon and Mommy
ps - I wish I had a light saber with a Star Wars blaster"

Dear Landon and Mommy, 
Thank you for the coins.  We like those better than paper bills because we can make things with them.  Usually the snails eat the paper bills if we forget to put them away.  But they don't eat coins.  We wish we could make you a nice light saber, but we think the real ones were from a long time ago, and a galaxy far, far away.  We can make a nice wand for you though.  Sometimes they can help you find other things.  We prefer Pine, Cypress, and Tea Tree.  Look around off the trails where we usually leave them. 
Love, Faery  

 * * * *
"Call me on my cell phone whenever you need my love. xxx-xxx"

Answer:  Do we have to?  How about if you love us anyway?  We'd rather not bring electronics into it, and just be able to count on your unconditional love.   - Faery